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We hope that you are pleased with your publications/Development Wheels. Ordering publications online can sometimes be difficult and sometimes you might not receive what you hope you've ordered - it's a bit like buying a book you think you'd like, only to find out half way through that its not for you - but of course by then its too late.

So here at KMMD Publications, you can return off-the-shelf items if on receipt/first inspection, the content is not what you thought you wanted or if you have made a mistake with your order.



This returns policy is for off-the-shelf purchases made through this website.
If, on receipt of your order, you find that you have ordered the wrong publication, or it's not what you wanted, then it can be returned.

1) To do this, you will need to send back the publication well packed so that we receive it in the condition it was sent out in. Contact details are at the bottom of this page. This means that we can then re-stock the publication and make it available for re-sale. If it is not received in a new condition, we can't re-stock it and therefore I'm afraid we cannot refund you for it, or replace the items without a charge.

Packing advice - For 'well packed' we suggest at the very least using the materials your items were sent out in. We send out publications in hard backed envelopes and/or boxes for protection. If you don't have (or can't use) these materials please ensure you use boxes and cardboard to protect the items during transportation. Poor packing might save a little on the transportation cost, but it will be expensive if we receive the items back in a damaged state and can't refund or replace free of charge. Thank you.

You will need to send back the publication at your own expense and we suggest you get proof of sending/despatch.
If sending by Royal Mail, you will need to visit your local post office to post the item and get proof of postage.

2) REFUNDS - Where you would like to return an item and have a refund, please note that all returns will incur costs against your original purchase price. This is to cover our costs/overheads for the item you originally ordered. These overheads will include our original postage costs, packing materials,  PayPal/finance fees (that we have incurred through the original sale) and re-stocking costs (of 10% of the original cost of an item).

After receipt and inspection of the publication/publications, we will then re-stock the item/items and finalise the details of your refund. Where possible we will refund you by using the same method as that for which you paid for the publication. So if you paid by PayPal we will try and refund you through PayPal. If it is not possible to refund you with the same method, we will issue you with a credit note, or if possible make arrangements to refund by BACS (bank transfer).

Please note that where we specify free P&P with an item (i.e. some Development Wheels), that this is offered inclusive of us supplying you with the item/items. Therefore, if it is returned, we have still incurred postage/delivery costs etc. and therefore, if you return the item, we will still need to subtract all of the above (inc. P&P) from your purchase price to cover the costs we have incurred in sending out your original order. Your refund will then be made after subtracting the costs we have incurred.

3) REPLACEMENT - If you require a replacement item/items (instead of a refund), we can send this/these out to you, but we will need to make an extra delivery charge for resending out the replacement items. We will advise you of this prior to you returning the item/items. There will be no other additional charges subject to receiving back your original item/items in a new condition - Please see (1) above.

None of the above affects your statutory rights and we offer this returns policy to try and help you if you have made a mistake with your order.

That said, we all make mistakes and that includes us.
So if we have sent you the wrong publication, we will make arrangements for you to send it back to us free of charge. On receipt, we will then send you the correct publication and refund you any postage costs that you have incurred in returning the publication to us.

When ordering, you can purchase online using a debit or credit card. Or if you have a PayPal account you can use this to pay for your order.

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Terms and conditions.

Where we refer to 'publications' in our description, this can mean any of the items available through our website. These include Development Wheels, Developmentors, Glo-ies, Toolkits, Manuals, Booklets, Folders and any other materials.

You are purchasing publications from us based on the details given on our website. It's a lot like buying books online, so if you find that on receipt of the publication, it is not what you wanted, you can return the item based on our returns policy above.

If we have sent you the wrong item, we will replace it with the correct one free of charge - see returns policy above.

For some smaller items, when buying publications/Development Wheels online, we offer free postage (P&P). This free P&P keeps the cost of smaller items down and is offered to encourage your purchase. However we do incur costs when we offer this with a publication and therefore if there are problems with your purchase we do reserve the right to exclude the P&P costs we have incurred from any refund as a result of your purchase, where you have received the item your ordered (and perhaps want to now return it).

Please note that our returns policy highlighted above is for off-the-shelf orders only. It does not cover Customised production 

Nothing contained on our website affects your statutory rights.


Contacting us/Returns

Email: info@kmmdpublishing.com

Send to: KMMD Publishing, Red Lion House, Bergh Apton, Norwich NR15 1BU