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We work as a partnership with specialist local authority teams, health practitioners, authors and other sector based organisations and professionals to produce tailored publications, including the fantastically popular DevelopmentWheels for the early years, childcare, health, education and family support sectors. 

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Written by industry sector specialists, all of the information contained within our publications and resources is written and supported by a group of authors, professionals and specialists within their field.

Organisations can therefore save both time and money, using the work we have done with our specialist partners, to commission your own branded/customised copies from us. 

Our unique full-colour Development Wheels™ have been developed to twist around
to reveal the section you need at any one time.

They are a form of 'circular book' that avoids the need to flick through the contents of a normal book to find the page you require.

They have information on both sides of each section and have been developed with the aid and input of specialist professionals/authors.
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Use this website to view details about any of our publications by scrolling down this page and then by clicking on any of the pictures of the publications that you are interested in.

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Our DevelopmentWheel™ range continues to grow and this would now be a very large introduction page if we showed them all here.
They're used by early years practitioners, teachers, NHS teams, health visitors and other health professionals, childminders, parents and carers.
Our current range includes...

Birth to Five (see left)
Five to Twelve years
Teenage Years
Communications, Speech & Language (series of five wheels)
Outdoor Play
Pre-birth/Antenatal (pregnancy)
Integrated 2-year Review
The 2012 EYFS & the Early Learning Goals
Safety in the Home
Early Years Maths and
Early Years Reading -
(Launched at Childcare Expo)
Postnatal Depression (PND) - a wheel for Health Visitors and Parents
Understanding Schemas and Supporting Schemas - two new early years wheels
Early Years Brain Development
A Guide to Gardening
School Readiness Development Wheel
Inclusion and SEND - two new Development Wheels

... and our range of SUPER-SIZE PRACTITIONER Development Wheels
containing virtually everything from
Development Matters

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Early Years Developmentors (A series of workshop materials and products

Developmentors™ have been developed to guide & support parents/carers and others looking after young children through various areas of early years learning and development, including such areas as:
-Feeding Toddlers -Sleeping Easy
-Toilet Learning -Oral Care
-Behaviour   -Special Playtimes
-Helping Children Learn  

They come as a range of items including a place-mat, scribble pad, cube box and play-mat.   Click here for details


PRACTITIONER SERIES.   Three EYFS Practitioner SUPER-SIZE DevelopmentWheels™

Minor Ailments
Healthy Eating

- Two new schemas wheels
- Early Years Brain Development.
- Postnatal Depression (PND).
School Readiness
SEND: Terms & Definitions

- Guide to Gardening
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A set of three large format (440mm diameter) DevelopmentWheels™ containing everything you need for the 2012 EYFS from Development Matters.

Each one is based around one of the principles and themes of the EYFS.

These three new SUPER-SIZE wheels are a fantastic resource for settings and practitioners.

They are also great for training and sharing the EYFS with parents and colleagues.

All of the information is taken from Development Matters and the first of our SUPER-SIZE wheels, covering 'a unique child' was out first.

The other two in the set covering Positive Relationships and Enabling Environments now complete the series.

These are also ideal for supporting the current EYFS and for hanging up in your centre or setting. Click
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A Development & Learning Journey

Hanging Kits for

Helping Little Ones Bloom

Childminder Support Packs

Birth to five Practitioner booklet


Birth to three EY student booklet


Playing is Learning Booklet

What is a Good
Children's Centre toolkit

Men in Childcare Promotional poster

Stay-Safe Reflectors

This is currently on 


Foundation Stage Development Packs

Parent Ambassador
Booklet and DVD

Children's Centres
Activity Evaluation kits

A3 sized Multi-language teaching aid posters in a plastic 'easel' case for practitioners and settings to teach English in Foundation Stages one and two, where English might not be the primary language.



Great news!   Great news!    Great news!  ...

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Our DevelopmentWheels™ are extremely popular and we've been asked many times if we can do small 'customised' quantities of any of our wheels with your logo on.
Well, now we can - and the minimum quantity is only 100 copies (it was 2000)

These could be great for use in individual centres, in children's settings or as a promotional tool for an event or to promote a service. Alternatively, should you require larger quantities, its possible to get 'customised' wheels much cheaper than the individual recommended retail price (RRP) of £8 each. Click here for details.

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