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CUSTOMISED copies of our publications with your branding/logo on

Why start from scratch producing new publications, when you can benefit from the work that we have already done.

We'll work with you to have your logo/s and contact details put on the artwork of your chosen materials and then, on your approval, your very own 'customised' publications will be produced and delivered to you - saving you both the time and the costs normally associated with the production of new materials. 

It really is a no hassle approach to the production of your very own quality literature using the content and templates that we have in place. All we need is your logos.

Alternatively, if you have an idea or content for something new, we can work in partnership with your organisation to produce a new publication, or perhaps even another DevelopmentWheel™.
We'll do all the design, production and project management, whilst you produce the outline content - then we'll work together to get it produced. Once its done you'll have your very own branded copies. We'll then market the title for 'customisation/production' to other companies and organisations, bringing additional publishing benefits/royalties to your organisation when orders are placed.

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- If you're not yet ready, for whatever reasons, to commit to 'customised' production, then we have individual copies of many of our publications for you to purchase sample copies ofThat way you can take a look at samples before you commit.
Either purchase samples to take a look at prior to commissioning your own customised copies or purchase off-the-shelf copies from stock to use in the meantime. As well as individual costs, we have discounts for larger quantities.
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Use a public sector purchase order. If you are using a local authority/public sector purchase order then check out our prices to use on your PO prior to placing your order
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Back of 'customised' Development Wheel™
for Lancashire Council

Our DevelopmentWheels™ are customised by putting a logo and other contact details on the back - you can also change the background colour to your own corporate colour if you wish (as shown here for Lancashire Council).

Developmentors are usually branded by putting your logo and other details onto the outer packaging for any item. However we can brand the items themselves, or as a cheaper alternative use branded stickers on the items or the packaging, dependant upon the quantity required.

GLO-IES™ are fairly small, so they are usually branded with your logo (and perhaps a phone number) on the reverse side of any of the GLO-IES.

Other publications are usually customised (branded) with your logo and other details on the back page. Once again the background colours can be changed to your specification.

We work in partnership with specialist local authority teams and other sector based organisations to produce tailored publications, including the fantastically popular DevelopmentWheels™, for the early years, childcare, health and education sectors. 

The publications listed on this site have been developed by us with the input of professional practitioners. 

Any of these publications can be 'customised' for your own organisations' individual use should you want to commission your own branded copies and we have developed a pricing structure for our most popular publications including our series of DevelopmentWheels™, Developmentors™ and GLO-IES™.

Purchase publications from stock - If you're not yet ready, for whatever reasons, to commit to 'customised' production, then we have individual copies of many of our publications in stock for you to purchase copies of

Maybe you want to see sample copies, try a few copies, or you simply do not want to commit to 'branded' copies. Either way, you can buy online now or order copies using our order forms. Simply follow the links to one of the publications for more details.

Alternatively if you are a returning customer and would like to purchase a range of publications now, please click here to go to our ONLINE PURCHASING PAGE, where you can buy all the individual copies you need from one web page.

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