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We are an established specialist publications partnership that works with organisations and public services in the early years, childcare, health/NHS, training and education sectors. 

For authorities and other organisations, our philosophy was simple - our aim was to try and help those organisations working with children and their parents, carers and teachers to avoid reinventing the wheel when it came to developing sources of information such as publications.





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 also individual students, health visitors and teachers.

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Working with industry sector specialists, we develop materials that can then be branded, developed and produced for organisations and authorities, thus saving time, money and resources for everyone concerned. 

Since those beginnings, our portfolio continues to increase and it now also covers subject areas such as: brain development, maths, communications, parenting and childcare, early years training, the new EYFS, outdoor play, home safety, reading, pre-birth/pregnancy, health support and the integrated two-year progress check. Other subject areas are in development.


Now Out  - two new wheels on early years Schemas.  - new wheel on Early Years Brain Development  - Postnatal Health (PND) support Development Wheel.
Other resources available now include: integrated Two-Year Progress Check resourcesfour new Communications (SLT) wheels covering KS1 to KS4

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